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GovDaddy is designed to help business owners understand 
  • What is my potential revenue-to-risk ratio?
  • What is the likelihood of winning future government contracts?
  • What will it take to earn future revenue?
  • How do I build and resource my team to win?

During the Beta, we want to test how useful the following features are to our users

  • Co-Pilot: Deal flow conversation intelligence and guidance.
  • Capture: Active pre-solicitation capture for everything from SBIRs to RFP's. 
  • Forecast: Forecasting and pipeline management.
  • Revenue Projection: Predic Total Addressable Military Market.
  • Align: Navigate teaming partners to win government contracts.
  • Sonar: Relevant up-to-date information about where your industry and the government collide. 


  • Our team will walk you through our tool, establishing internal processes and procedures around how to structure your data and establish your FedRevOps cadence.
  • R&D will focus on shaping opportunities with partners for teaming agreements along with establishing core relationships with end-users and funding organizations
  • BizDev Cadence will focus on establishing your 18-month and 36month cadence to establish long-term revenue success.

Monthly Cadence (Meetings with GovDaddy): Once your team has baselined FedRevOps processes, we will move into week/month/quarter cadence that will help you establish rigor in your sales process.

Monthly Cadence

  1. Current Opportunities R&D | Current Opportunities BD | Engagement Roll-Up
  2. Next Quarter Opportunities R&D | Next Quarter BD
  3. CQ R&D | NQ BD | Engagement Roll-up
  4. NQ R&D | NQ BD 
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